A Cross-Pacific SDN Testbed

A cross-pacific SDN testbed has been established to carry out SDN-related research for the BigData Express project. The testbed consists of two logically independent sites - FNAL site and KISTI site, and a dedicated layer-2 WAN circuit that connects the sites.

  • FNAL site
    • DTNs: bde1, bde2, bde3, bde4, and bde-hp5
    • SDN switches: Pica8 P5101, Pica8 P3930
    • An AmoebaNet-based SDN controller

  • KISTI site
    • DTNs: dtn2, dtn3, and dtn4
    • SDN switches: HP Z91000
    • An AmoebaNet-based SDN controller

  • A dedicated layer-2 WAN circuit, which runs across ESNET, StarLight, and KREONET. In particular, the ESNET circuit segment can be dynamically set up and torn down using ESNET NSI circuit service.

Figure 1 The Cross-Pacific SDN Testbed



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  • 10/09/2018