BigData Express Software Suite

BigData Express software suite consists of four major components -- BigData Express WebPortal, BigData Express Scheduler, AmoebaNet, and mdtmFTP. These components can be deployed, either in part or as a whole, to support various types of data transfers, including real-time data transfer, deadline-bound data transfer, and best-effort data transfer.

  • BigData Express WebPortal allows users to access BigData Express data tranfer services. It is a per site web application. Each BigData Express site has its own instance of the web portal. All instances use a common single-point sign-on service --CIlogon Service -- to obtain X.509 user certificates for secure access to BigData Express sites.
  • BigData Express Scheduler manages, brokers, and schedules DTNs, storage, and network resrouces for data transfer jobs.

  • AmoebaNet is a SDN-enabled network service that provides "Application-aware" network. It allows application to program network at run-time for optimum performance.

  • mdtmFTP is a high-performance data transfer engine for BigData Express.

Figure 1 BigData Express software suite

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  • 10/09/2018